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Big Agency Execution for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Two Guys In Jackets provide straight forward results driven marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses.  So the next time somebody asks you, "Who does your marketing?" You will be happy to answer, "Just Two Guys In Jackets".

Jackets in Row

The Guys

Two Guys In Jackets have a combined 60 years of solid marketing expertise working with high profile companies and advertising agencies.  During their travels, The Guys realized that small and medium sized businesses could benefit from the services of a professional marketing firm.  The problem is, most agencies price themselves out of the realm of possibility due to their high overhead.  Two Guys In Jackets was formed to be the agency packaged exclusively for small to medium sized businesses.  Two Guys keep their overhead low to make that possible.  So who are The Guys?

Bob Bateson (44 Long)

This Guy was previously a partner in an advertising agency where he served as the creative director and account supervisor for a number of nationally recognized companies. Later, Bob joined a large local automotive retailer and single handedly planned, bought and created the ad campaigns for 10 dealerships.

Patrick McConnell (48 Short)

This Guy has handled hundreds of millions of dollars in strategic media planning and buying for several notable businesses in the Northeast region.  However, Patrick believes that it is more critical to expand media budgets that are measured in hundreds and thousands than in millions. This Guy is also a licensed commercial part 107 drone pilot whose aerial shots are focused on quality over novelty.

The Guys
Tailors Tools

The Thinking

The Guys know that it can be frustrating having more media salespeople knocking on your door than customers. With Two Guys In Jackets handling your marketing needs, you just give them our card and say, “You will have to call The Guys”. Two Guys will get the media reps off your back, and into our office.

Two Guys In Jackets are in the media market everyday representing their clients. As a client, you will be under an umbrella of combined media spending, resulting in every budget being leveraged to get you the right marketing mix at the right price.


Each marketing challenge has a unique solution; Two Guys can execute services from strategic planning, television and radio production, outdoor, media buying and so much more. We can target local, statewide, and beyond according to your goals.

The Guys believe that message production should never dominate the budget. New technologies together with old tricks allow for high quality messages produced at minimal cost, so more money can go into delivering your story to the targeted audience.

The Thinking
Jackets on Hangers

The Clients

(past, present and projects)
The Clients
The Creative
Bolts of Fabric

The Creative



Welsh SubaruLove Spring
Jake's Wayback BurgersSeptember BOM MOM
Greco & HainesSpring Radio
Southern StatesWarehouse Sale
JA ApplianceTent Sale
Premier SubaruForester

Outdoor & Banner


The Guys believe that advertising for small to medium sized businesses should revolve around telling a compelling story, to the most people, for the least amount of money. Small and medium businesses need the register to ring for their advertising investment and measuring audiences in hundreds of thousands is the best way to start the flow.

Once the flow is started, then you can explore further into other avenues of message delivery. Then and only then should media measured in hundreds and thousands be considered. Of course, there are exceptions for unique and specialty items, but for most cases, this rings true.

Two Guys can help you with digital needs at the appropriate time. We have vetted and partnered with multiple companies, each with their own expertise in the digital space. So when it does make sense to move into digital, The Guys can help. Whether it be Display, SEO, PPC, Programmatic, Behavioral or Contextual Targeting, Geo-fencing, Review Acquisition, Interstitial, Mobile, or Social Marketing, The Guys will be by your side. They will creatively direct the strategic use of the appropriate tactics to their best advantage and will ensure the messaging and targeting are on point.

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